In many cases, you may find that our readily available units are not the best solution and we turn to FabricAirs textile ducting system to help us create a completely custom solution.


Fabric Air Dispersion – as the first company to product fabric dispersion systems, Fabric Air systems are guaranteed condensation free and hygienic. There’s absolutely no build-up of condensation forming on the ducts (a common problem with metal ducts).


Draught free – designed to expel air at low velocity which means that even if you were in the direct path of the air flow, chances are that you won’t feel any draught

Easy installation – on average, FabricAir® systems cost up to 75% less on installation and labour compared to conventional metal ducts.

Easy maintenance – FabricAir® has been built to allow you to dismantle certain parts for cleaning and washing. You can even use your washing machine to clean the ducts!

Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – FabricAir® systems are designed and delivered using CFD so that project managers and customers can see exactly how the air will be dispersed once the system is functional. This is of great benefit as it gives the decision makers a complete idea before making the investment

Lightweight – compare a FabricAir® to a conventional metal system and you’ll find it’s much lighter. Plus it’s more robust and offers greater operational life

Flexibility – there’s almost unlimited options for customising the duct, colours, flow models and elbows including nozzles, vents and fittings. No matter how unique your environment, FabricAir® can be customised to be just as unique!


More about FabricAir®

A FabricAir® Dispersion System uses a series of aluminium rails or steel cables to suspend itself so the installation is easy and simple.  It’s been designed with ease of use in mind- during installation, maintenance or removal.

For more information about our bespoke solutions or on FabricAir®, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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