Summer doesn’t have to be your best reaping months!

Growing_Splash-270x180If you’re passionate about growing, we think you’ll find that a temperature controlling unit can be very beneficial to your yield.

Most growers struggle to maintain the right temperature throughout the year and it’s not surprising – UK doesn’t have the weather that’s conducive for growers throughout the year which is why having a way to control the temperature is even more important.

With the current economic client, this has become even more important as many people turn to growing their own plants and herbs in their home. If this sounds like you, Manchester Air Conditioning can offer you solutions to ensure that your crop is taken care of throughout the year.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer a range of wall mounted units which have the ability to regulate temperature – heating or cooling depending on your crops and the environment.

Sometimes, you may also find the need to heat (or cool down) the temperature very quickly – you’ll find this as a standard feature on most of our systems.

All our systems have an internal unit connected to an external one via ducts and pipes to each other. There’s no exchange of air meaning that no stench or odours are discharged to the outside. Heat transfer is done via an Ozone friendly refrigerant gas within the system itself.

In most cases, we’re able to conceal the outside unit to prevent your premises’ exterior from looking unsightly.

For more information on our growing room solutions, please get in touch.