There are fewer retail industries where the environment plays a part in your bottom line than in restaurants. Of course, as a restaurant owner yourself, we don’t need to tell you that!

Blue_Tiffin_Night_Side-270x180Restaurants thrive on the custom of repeat clients and if you want your clients coming back, then delivering the best possible dining experience is critical.

Experienced restaurateurs will know that it’s not just about heating or cooling the place. As important, is the air quality and freshness.

Manchester Air Conditioning offers a wide choice of units and systems which are ideal for restaurants, bars and pubs including Ventilation systems, something that’s often overlooked due to budgetary restrictions.

Space is usually not an issue with restaurants. However, our integrated units which offer heating, cooling and fresh air/ventilation will still allow you to deliver the perfect dining experience whilst saving up space at the same time.

Our in-ceiling four way blow cassette unit is ideal if you’ve got space for approx. 60 diners. This delivers the highest capacity at the lowest price. The only downside of this is that it can be sometimes too draughty for those in the path of the air flow.

Concealed duct systems is another option if your budget allows it. These is usually the best solution, delivering ideal temperatures and fresh air for your diners.

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