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Legal stuff

If you’re anything but a home user of air conditioning or refrigeration, this information is important for you:

  • From 31st December, 2009, it has become illegal to use virgin hydrochlorofluorocarbons  (HCFCs) such as R-22 which was a one of the most common refrigerant in use until 5 years ago
  • Until 31st December, 2014, temporary use of recycled/recovered R22, R123, R401A, R402A, R403B, R408A, R409A, R412A and R509 is possible but will most likely be prohibitively expensive
  • From 31st December, 2009, sales of recycled/recovered R-22 is prohibited


For more information on F-Gas regulations, visit our Service and Maintenance contracts page.


Air Conditioning Manchester can help

We strive to be more than just your supplier. We want to add value by providing you with our expertise on ensuring compliance as well as creating a strategy that’s in line with your overall business goals.

From calculating energy savings, CO2 reductions and even the payback period, we’ll be able to advise you on all aspects of your investment.

We even take care of disposal of R-22 refrigerants that your old unit(s) may have. lets take a closer look at these:

  1. REPLACE – most if not all new units utilise the latest inverter technologies which isn’t only more environmentally friendly but also uses far less electricity. The payback period as well as the savings in CO2 can become a big inchead-in-sandentive in the long run
  2. RETROFIT – depending on the unit, it may be possible to adapt system to use legally permitted HFCs or a blend
  3. CONTINUE USAGE – you may decide to continue usage until 31st December, 2014
  4. DO NOTHING – you could decide to do nothing. However, if your air conditioning or refrigeration unit(s) is an important part of keeping your business running, then this probably isn’t the best solution

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